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Metsovo, the region

Metsovo is built at an altittude of 1.150 metres above the sea level, on Pindos mountain chain and it is 56 Km away from Ioannina and 95 Km away from Trikala.

The unique architecture buildings built of stone and wood, the scenic narrow roads, the sights, the delicious local specialities, the unique products as well as the generous hospitality of the inhabitants, establish Metsovo an ideal place for holidays. 

In Winter, enjoy the snowy landscape ot try out skiing at the skiing resort. During the other seasons come to relax and enjoy the fascinating greens. 

«ARCHONTIKO METSOVOU», «APOLLON» and «ADONIS» hotels as well as «ANOSTRO GUESTHOUSE» are waiting to make your visit to Metsovo delightful. They offer hospitality and service with all the comforts.

For more about Metsovo area, please visit the web site of the Municipality of Metsovo:

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The access to Epirus
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Map of Epirus
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Ioannina - Metsovo drive
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Map of the centre of Metsovo
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From the area
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Politsies of Metsovo

Distances and how to get to Metsovo

By road by private car

  • Athens - Metsovo (via Trikala): Distance: 370 km. - Time: approximately 4 hours 15 min.
    Route: National Highway Athens - Lamia, Domokos, Karditsa, Trikala, Kalambaka, Panagia, Metsovo
  • Athens - Metsovo (via Ioannina): Distance: 450 km. - Time: approximately 5 hours 20 min.
    Route: National Highway Athens - Corinth, Rio - Antirrio, Ioannina, Metsovo
  • Thessaloniki - Metsovo: Distance: 150 km. (Egnatia Odos motorway) - Time: approximately 1 hour 45 min.
  • Ioannina - Metsovo: Distance: 35 km. (Egnatia Odos motorway) - Time: 20 min.
  • Trikala - Metsovo: Distance: 60 km. - Time: 1 hour
  • Metsovo - Meteora, Kalabaka 35 min.
    (Metsovo - Panagia, Egnatia odos motorway 10 min. - Panagia - Meteora, Kalabaka 25 min.)
  • Metsovo - Grevena (Egnatia motorway, 20 min.)
  • Metsovo - Igoumenitsa: 50 min via Egnatia Odos motorway
  • Metsovo - Parga / Syvota: 1 hour via Egnatia Odos motorway
  • Metsovo - Kastoria: 1 hour 15 min.

By road by bus

  • Athens - Trikala, with connection for Metsovo, tel. no. KTEL TRIKALA 24310-73131
  • Athens - Ioannina, with connection for Metsovo, tel. no. KTEL IOANNINA 26510-26286
  • Athens - Metsovo direct (summer months), telephone 210-5129363 for information

By air

There are flights of Ioannina from Athens and Thessaloniki.
Ioannina airport, tel. no. 26510-26218, 26518
Aegean Airways, Ioannina, tel. no. 26510 65 200-1, 64 444
Olympic Airways, tel. no. 26510-39131

Central square of Metsovo
Apollon, tel. 3026560.41844 - - Fax 3026560.42110
Adonis, tel. 3026560.42300 - - Fax 3026560.42298
Archontiko, tel. 3026560.29100 - - Fax 3026560.29102
Anostro, tel. 3026560.41806 - - Fax 3026560.42110

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